Join me for a 66 Day Habit Challenge to Ring in the New Year!

Did you know that on average it takes 66 days to form a new habit? Did you know that when you write down a goal you are39.5% more likely to achieve it?  Did you know that by adding an accountability partner that success rate¬†increases to 76.7%!!!! Now that you know, what is

Are you up to the challenge? 66 Days

My dear friends I know that many of you are already a member of the ONE Thing Community, which is great!  As you know, they are kicking off the next 66-day challenge beginning July 29th.   Not familiar with the ONE Thing Community, or why 66 days?  I highly recommend you

ONE Page Business Plan

My dear friends My Monday Moment for you –  I had so much fun last week delivering this workshop.  Afterward, many reached out asking for the video.  SO, as promised, here is the link.  If after watching you want to learn more, feel free to reach out!  I love helping

Are you hiring? If so, join me!

Join me next week in attending this powerful workshop – Leveraged Leadership. It is a must for anyone who is responsible for finding, training and retaining talent. Register here!

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Why It Matters

Who wants to know my story?  Why does it matter?  Who cares what I think? Why does it matter?  It matters because I have a unique voice and a different perspective from others.  When we listen and open our hearts and minds to what others say and think, we grow.  We grow