Why It Matters

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Who wants to know my story?  Why does it matter?  Who cares what I think? Why does it matter?  It matters because I have a unique voice and a different perspective from others.  When we listen and open our hearts and minds to what others say and think, we grow.  We grow as individuals, we grow as a community and eventually, maybe we can change the how the world thinks and feels.

Today’s world is full of so many complex problems and issues.  Many that have no easy answers.  What I do know is that if we take the time to share how we think and feel and listen to how others think and feel, we can break down the complex and find common ground.  We can break down the complicated and find the simple.

It is through listening to what others have to say that I often find that my thinking was flawed.  That maybe I was a part of the problem? Allowing me to change and see things from a different perspective.  If I don’t do the same for others, they will never have that same opportunity to understand from my perspective. Why wouldn’t I want that to happen????? What I have to say matters.

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